Parents at DPS Panvel

At DPS PANVEL it is equally important to keep parents involved in the process of shaping their child's future. Parents are as much a part of the teaching-learning process as the teachers. The school encourages a healthy and ongoing teacher-pupil-parent interaction. The participation and presence of parents in school activities is encouraged at DPS Panvel.


  • Parent-teacher interactions are held throughout the year. A lounge will be designed for friendly interactions between them. Parents are a part of the DPS PANVEL family and are even involved in special workshops.
  • An Open House is held where parents and students can air their views on various points concerning the School and education. Parent-Teacher Meetings are conducted at regular intervals as well throughout the school year, where parents can talk about the progress of their children.
  • Workshops are held for parents of newly admitted students so that they understand the education procedure followed by the school and help in understanding the needs of the students.

    Counseling of parents also offers guidance to parents to increase their awareness of possible career choices in an increasingly complex and confusing world.