School Best Practices

School Best Practices

Best practices for the students

  • Class Library

Reading is the most fundamental skill the child ever learns. Without a good reading back ground a child is virtually lost, for it is on this that a major portion of his/her future success depends. To encourage and enhance the reading skills in children apart from the regular library period, children along with their teachers create their own class library. Whenever a child finishes his/her assigned work he/she is free to take the book from the class library and can read sitting in any corner of the classroom.

  • Best Notebook of the Month

Children from the early age need to understand the importance of neatness and presentation. Neatness not only of their personal appearance and uniform among other things but also of their belongings. Selecting the best notebook of the month by the teacher is a way of encouraging and positively motivating the children to take responsibility of keeping their books neat and well maintained.

  • Portfolio of Every Child

The portfolio is a file having the student’s continuous overall performance details from the year the students join the school until he/she leaves. It is a gateway through which the class teacher knows a student better. It gives complete information regarding the student’s overall performance throughout the years of the school.

  • Healthy Menu

Good nutrition is important for students for many reasons. Children will learn, think, play and work with others better if they are eating right. School promotes the students to bring health food to school for lunch like Roti, Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Salads, Idli, Pav Bhaji, Pulav. Items for short break like Poha, Sabudana Khichdi, Dry, Fruits, Vegetable Cutlet, Sandwich. Happy Meals Only on Friday like Burger, Pizzas, Cake/Brownies, Cookies, Noodles, French Fries, Veg Roll.

  • Khari Kamai

The project KhariKamai (earning through honest labour). The project aims at the concept of working hard and earning money. KhariKamai also teaches the value of money and the fact that lot of slogging is needed to earn some. The money earned by students can go towards their savings/pocket money or for opening their account with bank.

KhariKamai can be done through gardening, cleaning cupboard, helping in cooking etc. A child should not be paid more than Rs 20/-for an hour’s work.

  • Star Student

A star student is chosen every fortnight based on his/her behaviour, regularity, punctuality, presentation, and other such aspects. The student is awarded a star badge and certificate in the special assembly. Appreciation and positive strokes work as a great motivating factor for the students.

  • Remedial Plan

To reduce the gap between the low achievers and high achievers extra practice classes are conducted to help the students with their concepts and make improvement in academics. The plan is shared with the parents during PTM and detail discussion for the student’s development is done. A fixed schedule for the extra classes is shared.

  • Class Trophies

- Cleanliness trophy is a rotating trophy given each month to that section of the school in appreciation of maintaining cleanliness in the classroom and in and around the school premise.

- Healthy Trophy is a rotating trophy given each month to that section of the school that has maximum number of students present for that month.

- Readers Trophy is a rotating trophy given each month to that section of the school which has read maximum number of books from the school library and have submitted the review of the books read.

  • Scholastic Awards

- Scholar Badge is given to the students based on their overall annual result. The scholars are awarded with a badge and a certificate in the scholar badge ceremony.

- Potential Scholar award is given to the students who have missed the periodic assessment due to late admission yet fulfil the criteria for scholar badge.

- Subject proficiency award is given to the students if they are the highest scorers in a particular subject.

- Star performer trophy is awarded to the student who has performed excellently in academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

- Remarkable improvement certificate is given to the students who have shown remarkable improvement in a particular subject. It acts as an appreciation and motivation for the students to work harder.

- Scholar blue tie is given to the students who are the recipient of scholar badges for 3 consecutive years.

- Scholar blue blazer is given to the students who are the recipient of the scholar badges for 6 consecutive years.

Best practices for teachers

  • Professional Development

To keep updated with the upcoming changes, trends, technology and knowledge is the key for any successful profession. DPS Panvel provides its teachers with numerous workshops and seminars to upgrade themselves professionally. The teachers then share their learning with the co teachers and work in coordination to enable academic excellence and boost the learning outcome among the students in school.

  • Motivational Awards for teacher

- Star teacher of the month: Every month a teacher from each level is selected on the basis of her/his performance. A certificate and a star badge is awarded to teacher which she/he wears for a month.

- 100% attendanceh: The teacher who has worked without taking any leave or off through out the academic session is awarded with a certificate, trophy and a lunch with their family members is organised by DPS Panvel. The trophy and certificate is handed over to the teacher on the day of the scholar badge ceremony.

- Role Model Teacher: Every year a teacher from each level is selected as a Role Model by her/his fellow teachers. A certificate and cash prize is awarded to the role model teacher by the management on Teacher’s Day.